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“I am getting ready to watch Episode 3, First Crack for the second time. I am loving these videos! Thank you for sharing this knowledge. Mill City is 100% first class.” Ibeery,

“Team Mill City did a great job on this presentation; highly recommended. I’m going to watch it at least one more time. And it deserves some discussion with the “experienced pros” giving their take on roasting/origin defects.” Hankua,

Everything I’ve read about Mill City customer service is amazing. I watched Dave’s youtube videos for an hour last night. I almost bought a plane ticket right then to fly out and see the roasters.”Thuegli,

“I’ve seen pretty much every video on this channel and it has helped me so much to better the finish on all of my roasts. Thanks again for everything. I and rarely ever leave comments, so that alone tells you how much I am thankful for these videos. Keep it up.” James Ward,

“I just discovered your first three lessons from a post on and have found lesson 1 and 2 very informative and easy to understand (well.. except for the mass/density/volume discussion which was flawed in lesson 1). I gained further understanding that I will be able to use to help my customers, and I learned quite a few things and look forward to future installments.” Randy Glass,

“There’s a video on the Mill City site, walking through the function of air pressure in the roast process. This was TOTALLY key for me, sort of recognizing the “why” of some of what I was seeing when I roast (only been commercial for 6 months.) I highly recommend you look it up.”Music_Geek,

“I bought a 1 KG TJ-067 electric model from Steve and it was exactly as described. The machine is rock solid with a cast frame – overall amazing quality. If you take a look at some of the YouTube videos, you can see this machine in action.” Pugsley7,

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